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Shenzhen Sricctv Technology Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Network Camera, Network Video Recorder, Surveillance System, Solar Cameras, Wireless Doorbell
Ranked #1 most popular in Surveillance SystemsRegistered trademarks (5)Multi-Language capability: Sample-based customizationDesign-based customization

Shenzhen Sricctv Technology Co., Ltd. is a company centered with audio & video cloud transmission tech and dedicated to R&D, production, sales and brand promotion in the integration of high-tech enterprise. Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Sricctv is professional in the development and production of civil security monitoring products, and has been in a leading position in the industry for nearly 10 years. All the while, Shenzhen Sricctv has been committed to the technical research and development of audio & video transmission, smart home applications and smart cloud storage services, providing audio & video security product solutions for more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Now Shenzhen Sricctv has a number of special technologies in many fields such as intelligent audio & video code, image processing, audio and video storage, P2P audio & video data transmission and cloud computing and so on. Shenzhen Sricctv is one of the source manufacturers with the most product categories in the security industry, which has rich products and complete categories. Shenzhen Sricctv products include: network video phone cameras, network cameras, low-power cameras, network video recorders, professional optical zoom ptz cameras, 4G cameras, elderly care machines, children's education machine, smart home accessory products and etc.